Contract:Loft in Milan


A metropolitan loft endorsed by Minà & Natural Skin can unveil the expressive potential as well as the reasoning behind the space. The black metal and the cooked wood, merge together to create scenographic environments with a safe sculptural impact. The spaces are open and dynamic and receive much praise - thanks to the flexibility of the possible layouts. The interior gives rise to and articulates intimate and theatrical glimpses, whilst still marrying up the ideal and practical side of an idea of comfort which is truly contemporary. The atmosphere becomes dynamic and aesthetically like days gone by, with unprecedented traces of refined and decisive lines.

The most unique extractor hood in the world
A distinctive feature of the kitchen is the pair of Mammut extractor hoods. Black metal graphite, Mammut revisits the industrial aspiration with a design that can be used in a home. It has a flexible and extendable tube that can be adjusted according to requirements.

Unusual accessories
Signature Minacciolo items which are distinctive in design enhance the living area: the Frame table, characterized by a solid wood frame and surface top in glazed steel, is, accompanied by Pots, a chandelier made with real pots.

Large volume containers
Wooden volumes are free standing due to the overwhelming freedom of the entire structure, fully interpreting the spaces and functions. The Natural Skin monoliths transform the concept of the distribution structure, separating the environments through equipped walls and free standing elements which are accessible in 360 degrees.

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