Contract:Apartments in Clitheroe, London


Clitheroe Road is situated in Clapham, London, near the trendy bars and restaurants on Clapham High Street. This renovation of three apartments was managed by the London- based investment company CLPD investmentindesign.

The property, an early 20th-century Victorian building of over 170 m² purchased at auction, was modernized to create elegant apartments spread across three floors. Two additional floors were also added, as well as a basement and a loft on the top floor, which extended the house to 250 m² and it was then split it into three apartments. The apartments were finished to a very high standard with the unmistakable CLPD signature design.

Minacciolo supplied products of the Minà and Natural Skin collections to furnish the three kitchens, which complimented the overall design of the apartments.

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