Contract:Kitchen in Capri


With an incomparable view of Capri's Faraglioni, this modern residence's décor could only be minimalistic. The unrelenting sunlight entering the windows on the large terrace immediately places the kitchen on equal footing with the stunning exterior.

Equipped Natural Skin tall cabinets that hold ovens, a refrigerator and spacious pantries are combined with a multipurpose Minà island and the iconic Mammut hood, both in a Bianco Gesso finish that makes the ensemble even more radiant.


This simple kitchen featuring clean shapes can adapt to any setting, from contemporary to strictly classic, while recalling the tradition of Italian craftsmanship and taking pride in Made in Italy production materials.


The emphasis on shapes and materials intertwines with painstaking attention to colour, thereby creating a perfect Mediterranean composition in which shades of blue play a role in enhancing the white that dominates the entire room. The Minà worktop is enlivened with finely decorated Sicilian volcanic stone tiles hand-painted with a design that strikes a balance between a modern graphic style and the traditional aesthetics of artistic ceramics.

This visually striking setting offers a minimalistic feel animated with the vibrant shades of the sea and sky, where the quality of Italian craftsmanship offers all the beauty of the country's magnificent landscapes.

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