Designer:Harmut S Engel

2LIGHT is a result of the search

for a deliberately unusual

solution. 2LIGHT is actually

significantly different to conventional

downlight and recessed

spotlight systems. Not only be-

„The functional idea of reflector

splitting has enabled the development

of 2LIGHT, a pioneering

generation of downlights and

recessed spotlights characterised

by a unique mixture of

diffuse light and direct reflector

light, with a surprisingly lively,

sensuous appeal."

D E S I G N 2 L I G H T H A R TMU T S . E N G E L

cause of the marked flexibility

of the square modular system,

but in particular because of the

unique, perhaps even revolutionary,

lighting effect produced

by direct light emitted via the

reflector and an additional diffuse

light component (Mellow

Downlight). This is made possible

by the innovative functional

principle of so-called reflector

splitting within the luminaire

body. Completely new with

2LIGHT is the sealed luminaire

body that can be easily opened,

without use of tools via the

Easy-Clean catch. An absolute

novelty for a recessed spotlight.