Brand:Andreu World

Designer:Mario Bellini

Arround the middle of the 1950's, coinciding with one of the most brilliant and exalted moments in new italian design, an award was born wich would eventually be regarded as the most prestigious design prize in the world: the Compasso d'Oro. It was in 1962 that the table whose name corresponded to its same year of creation, designed by Mario Bellini, became the first piece of furniture to belong to the distinguished by such a important award. Forty-two years later, Andreu World, toguether with Mario Bellini, have tried to maintain intact the spirit of the original "1962" in presenting the table "CARTESIUS", wich is made entirely from plywood covered in natural oak and wengue, retaining all the allure and lightness of the original design while incorporing a newer, more contemporary aura.