Prodotto:Magic Grip


Designer:Barbara Schmidt

The MAGIC GRIP technology is an innovation which increases the functionality of porcelain in several regards. The integrated silicone foot ensures a non slip quality, reduces noises and protects delicate surfaces from scratches.


The fine dining porcelain collection sets the right tone. Thanks to the silicone foot any disruptive clatter of plates, cups and bowls is minimised during a cosy tea time or an intimate dinner. This leaves more room for a relaxed get-together, in-depth conversations and hearty laughing.

The discreet, transparent silicone application on the foot of the porcelain protects valuable surfaces such as glass, high-quality wood, natural stone, stainless steel as well as high gloss surfaces from scratches.


Design plus
Deutscher Designer Club Award
Interior innovation award
IF Design award
Good Design
Promotional Gift Award