Designer:NPK Industrial Design

Similar scope and versatility are offered by TETTOIA, a medical supply unit that serves the demands of various target groups. In addition to indirect room lighting, the light is focussed on the patient. In doing so, it can be used either as a comfortable reading light or for examination lighting in conformity with relevant standards. For this purpose, the direct element of the TETTOIA supply unit can be optionally upgraded to 80 W TC-L. The unique feature of TETTOIA is that the examination lighting's direct component can be switched on using a momentary-action switch directly at the patient's bed, which after 15 minutes automatically returns to its original position. TETTOIA means 'roofing' in Italian, and the protective, direct beam canopy has been designed to give the patient a feeling of security and privacy. Specially developed micro-vanes ensure glare control of the direct light. Since the vanes are just a few millimetres high, patients in adjacent beds remain completely undisturbed.