Producto:Beta 1.0


Diseñador:Pierandrei Associati

 Beta, which springs from an ethnographic research on the workplace from the design of Pierandrei Associati and from the technological skills of Tecno, is an operating system designed to meet the requirements of a creative office and to grant a new shape to space, while adjusting to people's behaviours and evolving over time.

The creative office represents the novelty in workspaces. By reducing repetitive tasks and by focusing on experience sharing, today's offices are contemporary -agoras-, where different working styles overlap and where the individual's wellbeing turns into working performance.

Having a space where to work on one's own, relax not only during breaks, present one's work also in informal meetings, are still all main features of the contemporary office we have all become familiar with. Beta, which draws inspiration from the evolution logic of nature, is able to meet these requirements, and by means of a range of "fluid and flexible" elements, it makes workplace reconfiguration and renewal easier. Rather than being a plain system, it is an actual environment, with a non-linear growth logic, which generates spaces without simply filling them.

Whereas, from a conceptual point of view, the features on which beta works are space, time and mankind, from a functional point of view, beta is conceived to contain, display and support.

Thanks to its components, it is able to create different layouts, ranging from the most intensive ones to the most evolved ones, by handling primary factors - such as privacy, noise and environmental features - in a way that differs from traditional systems, and at the same time create greater interaction among people.

The beta system combines an advanced technology and recyclable materials (including wrapping), with a natural logic, which allows the system to develop over time.Indeed beta's construction features make it possible, at the end of the product's life or depending on maintenance programmes, to simply replace certain components, so as to adjust the system to the new requirements and bring the product back to fully functional conditions.

The system is made up by three product families, which are: worktops (desks), containers (backbone) and accessories.

The composition logic for these components is aimed at a customised space configuration and at maximum enjoyment, also by disabled users. The whole office created by beta appears as a space created around man.


Red dot design award 2010
Good Design 2010