Producto:Cadrega executive


Cadrega Executive is a revolting chair, height-adjustable by DIM4551 standard gas cylinders with cushioned seat impact. Approximately mm. 120 stroke. Variable tilting, lockable in multi-position by a gas cartridge mechanism seat. Tilting back with height adjustable "permanent contact" device. The back adjustment is made by a gas lift cartridge and the back is lockable in multi-position. When locked, the back of the chair allows themovement of the user back, thanks to the flexibility of the materials which ensure a perfect lumbar support. Back height adjustment is made by a mechanical mechanism with 90 mm stroke lockable every 5 mm. Fixed headrest also avaible with leather covered cushion. Height adjustable armerest with 70 mm stroke. Shell, seat, back and headrest are fully recyclable. the five-star chrome finisched base in equipped with fast-clutch double pivoting self-braking castors diameter 50 mm. Castors are available with soft castors for hard floors or with hard castors for carpeted floors. All the control buttons are integrated in the shell and can easly reached in the arm range of action. Their use is simple and direct. Constructional feature allows an asynchronous and indipendent adjustment perfecly adapting the configuration to each singular user. The name Cadrega derives from the Greek Katedra or from the Provençal cadiera and comes into the italian idiom with several differences depending on the regions or dialects. In Milanese dialect Cadrega simply means chair. Sagsa, since 1922 Milanese based company, goes for this name for its new chair line to stress its origin and culture. Born and expanded in Milano, worldwide design capital city, draws his cue for constant research and innovation from its roots.