Intuitive operation, outstanding design and a multitude of functions: thanks to the new Luxmate Ciria control point, controlling the lighting and other services in a room has become real fun. During its development, the focus was mainly on user convenience. 

"Clear icons and the control panel's intuitive menu guidance make Ciria convenient to use for everybody. It is easy to handle without any complicated operating instructions", as Matteo Thun, the renowned architect and designer, explains the design. 

The new Luxmate Ciria control point features straight lines and harmoniously rounded corners. The user interface consists of a continuous glass panel - optionally available in black or white. Thanks to its fully sealed housing with a smooth surface that is easy to clean, the 92 x 130 x 13 mm control point is a real eye-catcher. 

More than 20 different lighting scenes can be programmed and stored on the new Luxmate Ciria control point. In addition to lighting, all other services available in the room, i.e. blinds, ventilation, heating or screens, can be controlled by Ciria. The central dimming wheel can be used to make continuous fine adjustments such as dimming the lighting or adjusting the position of the blind's slats. Thanks to its compact design, Ciria can be installed in wiring boxes complying with DIN 0606. 

The capacitive panel of the Ciria control point passes on every touch via the Luxmate bus to the central control unit of Luxmate Litenet or Luxmate Professional with utmost precision. Convenient operation is visualised by the OLED display showing easily identifiable icons, additional lettering and a clearly visible ON/OFF button. This makes operation really easy, even where several building services are integrated.