Producto:Claris II


Diseñador:A-G Licht Bonn

CLARIS II is a classic which sets new trends: with its minimalist design, this modular lighting system blends unobtrusively into any architecture. The big difference is efficiency: CLARIS II sets a new standard with an outstanding efficiency of 93%. Thanks to recently developed cell louvre technology, the light responds to the interior design and the application without compromise, unfolding its full effect in the office or the shop. 

The handwriting is unmistakable. Like its predecessors, the new CLARIS II is reduced to a clear geometric line. It blends discreetly into its surroundings, allowing other features to come forward: architecture, interior design and people. New lighting modules have expanded the scope of this product beyond the office and classroom environment to include prestigious zones such as foyers, entrance halls and retail areas. 

Smaller but powerful 
However, there is more to CLARIS II than design. In terms of lighting technology, it is still the most ambitious indirect/direct architectural system. Take, for example, its innovative cell louvre technology: the louvre is moulded in one piece and features a special groove, which ensures a broad and accurately directed indirect component. This system has always been unique and even allows a reduction of the luminaire dimensions by 25% without any effect on lighting performance. CLARIS II continues to illuminate interiors with the same efficiency achieving levels of up to 93%. 

Claris II lighting modules for the retail sector 
The new lighting modules mean that CLARIS II can now be used for the first time in the retail sector. Room heights of 2.70 m - 4.00 m are particularly suitable, because the delicate design of the luminaire matches its surroundings best at this height. For optimum colour rendition, the 70W HIT model provides a high-lumen, high-quality floodlight. 

Complete installation kit saves time 
CLARIS II is supplied as a complete luminaire: cord suspension set, feed cable and light source are already integrated. An electrician is only required to connect the luminaires to the ceiling rose. The same is true for applications in the retail sector: the pendant system facilitates installation and considerably reduces installation time. Integrating CLARIS II into a lighting management system is also extremely fast and convenient.