Diseñador:DA2 Strategic Design

Donday is a post-top lighting system suitable for pedestrian areas, parks and gardens. It looks like a contemporary -and at the same time ironical- revisitation of a globe lighting system. It is possible to work out different inclinations of poles and caps to create unusual and attractive luminous staging effects. 
The Donday line is made up of a curved steel pole 89 mm in diameter, into which a pressure die-cast aluminium pole 60 mm in diameter, and a decorated collar, are inserted. Its globes is in opal white PMMA and the cap upn it is in aluminium plate. Ceramic lamp-holder E27 or E40. 
The heights of the poles can various, upon request, from 3350 mm and 2350 mm. The models on the catalogue are five, with metal halide, sodium vapour and mastercolor lamps from 70 to 100 watt.
Donday seems to be moved by the wind; the special calendering of its supporting poles gives movement and fluidity to the areas where it is placed.
The system can be used to city pedestrian areas, parks, gardens and residential areas.