Producto:Happy Seventies


Diseñador:Vicente Martinez

This new collection comprises pieces originally created in the 1970s now redecorated with a fun-loving and innovative touch. The Byzantine busts, fauns, bulls or fish-shaped jars in The Happy Seventies all maintain the essence of the era they were created in while reinforcing their aesthetic appeal with new decorative ideas. Original colors and bright luster enhance and update these pieces to make them absolutely contemporary.

The greatest challenge in this process of transformation lies in achieving a balance between the classic soul of the model and the modernism of our time. The savoir faire of the brand from Valencia, the world leader in art porcelain, guarantees the success of the final result. Like all Lladró pieces, the creations in The Happy Seventies are the result of a meticulous artistic process. From the initial sketches to the firing at high temperatures, each step is totally handcrafted at the brand's workshops in Valencia (Spain).