Producto:Hortae System


Diseñador:Daniela Grandi

The system of Kiosks we call Hortae System has been thought up so as to be placed in an urban settings of value, such as a historic centres and city parks.
The real innovation of the Hortae system kiosk is in the technological approach to the way it was conceived: completely dry mounted, setting up ensures very rapid assembly times without the aid of heavy machines or skilled labour; the system's flexibility allows the approach to be adapted to the needs of low-cost maintenance. The quality of the materials and finishing make the Hortae system kiosk pleasing to look at and resistant to weathering; being made up of pre-assembled modules allows ease of storage and transport.

Each part of the Hortae kiosk has been designed to be assembled mortar free and quickly.
The complete structure of the kiosk can be installed in two days' work, and no heavy or large pieces of equipment are needed, no welding is done on site. By means of the accompanying instruction manual the firm provides, a team of three persons hired locally can perform the work without problems. The glazed parts are inserted into the aluminium frames, complete with weather seals. The standard glass used is chamber type 3+3 / 6 (chamber)/ 3+3 and the blank panels are in aluminium with 30 mm of insulating material placed inside.