Diseñador:Simon Pengelly

An ornamental oval dish carries the slender Hugo sitting shape. Hugo is available with a high and low back and the seat can be fitted with different upholstery, independent of the dish. An asymmetric swivel base cast in aluminum carries the oval dish. The natural flowing shapes create space, without being dominant. Hugo presents its contents with charm.

Thanks to it wide diversity and high quality, Hugo can be used anywhere. The armchair would suit a living room, as well as use on a project-base.

Swivel base

The swivel base in brushed aluminium (at extra costs in matt black) has small adjustable legs allowing this lounge chair to rest stable on uneven floors.


Hugo has no specifically designed ottoman but is often combined with Cup. The oval shaped Cup can be used has a footstool or an extra sit opportunity and offers, underneath the removable lid, storing space for the remote control, newspapers and magazines.