Producto:Luxmate Emotion


With the new generation of EMOTION touch panels, lighting control

has moved onto a higher level: extra functions, more convenience,

and a form of communication that is still easy to understand.

LUXMATE EMOTION was developed to create a straightforward means of

operating a lighting management system, while also incorporating a lighting

control design suitable for smaller architectural units such as shops

or offices. By using clear, meaningful symbols and well-structured navigation,

Matteo Thun has succeeded in making a wide range of options

easily available, keeping operation simple despite the extra functions

provided. The latest LUXMATE EMOTION enhancement is proof that the

versatile lighting management system is incredibly user-friendly. Merely

scratching the surface was not what Zumtobel had in mind here: going

an important step further, the new design includes pre-installed comprehensive

function packages so that precisely defined lighting scenes and

sequences can simply be adopted as they are, or used as the inspiration

behind individual lighting ideas.