Pab 05 B&B Italia Pab 05 B&B Italia

Pab 05

Brand:B&B Italia

Diseñador:Studio Kairos


It is the result of a very simple idea: a sheet folded in half and restrained by light ties, designed to be used as a bookshelf and top. In time, Pab has become a very successful system, and has grown from the original project into the wide range of configurations and different finishes that make up this year's current version. Besides the shelf and back panels, a series of storage units and a number of multi-purpose benches are now available. Finishes make up an important part of this identity. The vast choice of finishes and hues, along with the variety of furnishing elements, makes it possible to obtain personalised, made-to-measure solutions.

In 2012, Pab is expanding its shapes, colours and finishes to offer contemporary "objects of desire" without giving up the minimal lines and essential look that sets the system apart. Functionality and the use of new colour schemes make it possible to create compositions that enrich the spaces in modern homes to make them more fun. The introduction of moving elements and accessorised panels increases flexibility in every situation. Also, research into materials - especially woodand aluminium finishes - results in highly expressive surfaces, able to convey a specific story to each composition.