Panos infinity LED Zumtobel

Producto:Panos infinity LED


Diseñador:Christopher Redfern

The new PANOS INFINITY range of luminaires has opened up a new dimension in terms of design and efficiency: thanks to minimalist design and a system efficiency of up to 77 lumens per watt, high-quality LED technology has by now outperformed traditional compact fluorescent lamps in terms of efficiency and lighting quality.

The luminaire's luminous flux of more than 1000 lumens is achieved with a power input of 18 W; for 1800 lumens, the PANOS INFINITY downlight requires 27 W, for more than 2400 lumens 36 W. This makes the LED downlight 70% more efficient than downlights fitted with conventional compact fluorescent lamps. With a service life of 50,000 hours and a colour rendition index of > 90 that remains constant over the entire service life, the downlight is first in class.

With effect from May 2011, the square Panos Infinity Q model and various LED wallwasher versions will be added to the downlight range. In the process, the excellent luminaire features will be consistently maintained.