Producto:Panos Q


Diseñador:Sottsass Associati

"Light has neither shape nor form. However, the interior structure of most rooms is based on straight lines and rectangles. So, PANOS Q takes up the geometric line of the architecture and provides a strategic alternative to the circular downlight. Architecture and design are reflected in its high-quality materials. By contrast, the seamless model of PANOS Q allows the architect to design a frameless ceiling". 
Ettore Sottsass/Chris Redfern 

Efficient and sophisticated: PSP+® reflector coating 
The smooth and faceted reflectors are coated with 100% purest silver using a high-tech sputtering method. Thanks to this innovative PSP+® coating, the light output ratio of PANOS Q is up to 20% higher than that of downlights fitted with conventional reflectors. The silver coating also achieves an excellent reflection of thermal radiation, significantly prolonging the service life of the lamps used. 

The right size for every situation 
With two design sizes - Low and High -, PANOS Q responds to different requirements. PANOS Q Low with 190 mm lateral dimensions and a mounting depth of only 100 mm is the smallest downlight for wide-area lighting on the market and can easily be integrated into almost any ceiling. It is particularly suitable for general lighting throughout corridors, foyers and exhibition areas. Designed for use with one lamp, the electronic ballast supports the use of compact fluorescent lamps. An alternative version is available for HIT lamps. This is particularly advantageous, where brilliant colour rendition is important, for example, in shops and showrooms. 

PANOS Q High - the big brother of PANOS Q Low - has been specially designed for situations requiring large quantities of light and for installation in suspended ceilings. Optionally fitted with one or two compact fluorescent lamps, this downlight provides uniform, wide-angle light distribution and homogeneous luminance distribution. This downlight model is particularly attractive for use in offices and administrative buildings, as PANOS Q High meets the requirements specified in the EN 12464 standard for glare control in DSE environments without the use of attachments. 

Quick and easy installation without any tools 
Like all the models in the PANOS range, PANOS Q can be installed quickly, conveniently and without the use of any tools. After the mounting frame has been inserted and fixed in place with the tried-and-tested PANOS mounting springs, the reflector is locked in place with an audible click mechanism, and the cover frame is fitted - job done. At every stage, this carefully-thought-out principle saves valuable installation time. Even retrofitting attachments is child's play and does not require specially trained technicians, because here, too, only a simple locking action is required. 

Integration into a lighting management system can also be realised very easily. Dimming-on-Demand models of PANOS Q are available for daylight-based control and lighting scenarios. If required, emergency-lighting elements can also be integrated into the downlight. 

Individual character with a range of attachments 
A wide range of different frames as well as design-oriented and technical lighting attachments give PANOS Q an unmistakable identity with a variety of design accents. The special feature here is that when an attachment element is placed onto the frame, the reflector automatically recedes, creating space for the attachment. The appearance of PANOS Q remains unchanged and consistent.