Diseñador:Studio Ambrozus

PERLUCE is more than just a surface-mounted luminaire. A complete range of luminaires stands behind PERLUCE, providing for a dashing comeback of closed lighting systems. These luminaires with higher protection are used whenever demands of improved protection and easy maintenance have top priority. The various designs are inspired by large and small squares, but also by traditional linear forms. 
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The square PERLUCE LED has no transversal or longitudinal sides. As neither its form nor materials determine any direction, it can be arranged freely in the room, on the ceiling as well as on the wall. As a closed lighting system, PERLUCE is easy to clean, and the light source is protected against dust and dirt. 

With the LED version, further benefits are added to the range: a more uniformly lit appearance as compared to the conventional 2 x 18 W TC-L version, and a stable colour temperature (optionally 3000 K or 4000 K) throughout its service life. The luminaire is characterised by smooth low-maintenance surfaces. PERLUCE LED is considered an efficient alternative to conventional luminaires with 2 x 18 W TC-L fluorescent lamps and is available in a switchable version.