Producto:Run personal Visioweb


Diseñador:Antonio Citterio

Run Personal VISIOWEB is the treadmill that is also a piece of designer furniture, born from a happy marriage between the latest technologies developed by Technogym's Research Centre and the design of Antonio Citterio and assistant Toan Nguyen.

The new VISIOWEB interactive digital platform connects to the Internet for an even more engaging training experience.

A perfect synthesis of cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and quality materials, Run Personal Visioweb is the perfect treadmill for the home, hotels, spas, and all environments dedicated to exercise. The elegance of the design and the search for prized materials, never used before in a treadmill, make it unique of its kind. 

Run Personal Visioweb is the state of the art for people who want to have a professional training experience but one that is simultaneously entertaining. VISIOWEB is the multimedia interface equipped with a connection to the Internet, integrated television, and a connection for an iPhone or iPod to enjoy video and audio content directly on the big 19" screen. 

The large running surface, the emergency stop button, and the easy adjustments for speed and incline make training comfortable and safe.

Run Personal is the only treadmill that combines cutting-edge technology with innovative, unbeatable design where polished aluminium, soft-touch plastic, and glass come together to create an ideal object for the home, hotel, or spa. Run Personal Visioweb features the largest HD-Ready (19") touch screen in tempered glass.

Run Personal VISIOWEB is the first treadmill for running on the Internet. With VISIOWEB provided standard, you can surf the net and do what you enjoy while you train. Visit your favourite websites, view photos and videos, and relax with the most entertaining games. Train with exercise videos to guide you, and save your personalized programs and results on your own portable memory. VISIOWEB is movement and fun, available standard on Run Personal and as an option on all equipment in the Excite+ line.