Diseñador:Massimo Iosa Ghini

Its clever mix of features makes SCUBA the new innovation leader in moisture-proof luminaires. Not only are installation, maintenance and cleaning child's play - SCUBA always provides perfect lighting conditions even under the most demanding environmental conditions and also boasts reliable protection against external influences and chemicals. 

In situations where conventional luminaires are ready to give up, Zumtobel's new SCUBA moisture-proof luminaire really comes into its own. Whether confronted with dirt, dust, moisture or chemical atmospheres - SCUBA ensures durable functionality in any environment. The name itself says it all. SCUBA stands for: 

Schlagfestigkeit [impact resistance], 
Chemical resistance, 
UV resistance, 
Benutzerfreundlichkeit [user-friendliness], 
Application oriented 

Its application areas range from production areas in foodstuff, metal producing and working, timber or plastics industries, underground car parks, roofed transit areas and underpasses through to basement, boiler and side rooms. This universal moisture-proof luminaire is dust-proof and jet-proof. It therefore meets all the standard requirements for IP 65 protection. 

Looks and performance 
SCUBA is a classic moisture-proof luminaire in terms of its design, but boasts an unmistakable, novel stylistic idiom. With its oval, aerodynamic shape, this luminaire, especially when installed as a continuous row system, is just about as far removed from the monotonous straight lines of conventional continuous row systems as it can be. SCUBA adds excitement and variety to the look of the ceiling and stamps its identity on its environment. Besides purely aesthetic considerations, the innovative shape of the luminaire is explained by the particular practical and functional requirements imposed by its application areas. The 15° angle of all exposed visible surfaces and the smooth exterior of the luminaire not only discourage accumulation of dust and moisture, they also enable easy cleaning of the kind required every week, in the foodstuff industry, for instance. 

The materials used were also selected in line with application-oriented requirements. SCUBA combines an extremely rugged basic housing made of glass fibre-reinforced polyester with three different diffuser options: an impact-resistant polycarbonate diffuser, a chemically resistant PMMA diffuser, or a unique Chemo diffuser, depending on external conditions. The Chemo diffuser consists of a special blend of plastics which combines the chemical resistance of visually attractive PMMA with the elasticity of UV-stabilised unbreakable polycarbonate. An innovative sealing rim between the basic housing and luminaire diffuser prevents water penetrating inside the luminaire by capillary action. Both the diffuser and basic housing are environmentally compatible and can be recycled. 

Excellent visual comfort thanks to high-quality lighting technology 
Specially optimised prism structures ensure excellent technical lighting features for moisture-proof luminaire systems. Reduced light at shallow angles results in a minimal UGR value, and the extremely wide-angle batwing pattern ensures uniform illuminance distribution.