Sheldon Montis



Diseñador:Dick Spierenburg

In a couch you are looking for a pleasant place to relax or make conversation. This is possible in a traditional couch, straight or in a corner, but it is more pleasant in a couch with a nod. Less stiff and stately, informal. If the spots on the arms are also well-formed and the qualities of stacking arm and back stack, you have really found a comfort zone.

The couch with a nod gives new options for the interior. Opportunities to get loose from the wall, free to place armchairs and create other sight lines. Feature in the design of the Sheldon couch is the slim screen set with smooth transitions from arm to back, to the robust seat. Comfort and elegance brought together, on a traditional wooden frame that emphasizes the special meeting of seat and back. Each couch consists of two parts. Because there are two corners on the end of the couch available, three buckling options arise: From a small, through a more pronounced bend to a right-angled corner.

An important option for the Sheldon combination is the option to locally increase the height of the backrest. That adds comfort, provides support for the head, but also gives an extra sense of protection. With the parts and options that are available, a multitude of individual, symmetrical or asymmetrical variations are possible. With loose, decorative pillows make it even more personal. Clean lines, smooth transitions, nimble feet and exciting compositions make any Sheldon couch an inspiring roommate and overall a controversial addition to the collection of Montis.