Silenzio Luceplan Silenzio Luceplan Silenzio Luceplan



Diseñador:Monica Armani


Suspension and wall lamps that behave like upholsteredfurnishings and, if required, can be customized with a wide rangeof fabrics. "Tailored" lighting for the new Silenzio family of lamps.Besides developing performance for acoustic comfort, theselamps decorate spaces, personalizing them, becoming theirprotagonists and setting the mood.

"Some time ago I was commissioned to furnish a corporatecorridor with a length of one kilometer. I used suspension lampsand wall panels, covered with Kvadrat fabrics. There was anunexpected plus: a surprising level of acoustic comfort, makingthat kilometer a smooth, silent experience". This is how thedesigner Monica Armani describes the genesis of Silenzio, thenew family of products by Luceplan. "The rest came of its ownaccord - she explains - with the encounter of two outstandingcompanies in their respective technological areas: the Italianlighting manufacturer Luceplan and the Danish textile firmKvadrat".

For the offering in the catalogue, the Kvadrat textile, Remix 2designed by Giulio Ridolfo has been selected. It has a "grisaille"look, and a texture with a materic, elegant hand. For thecollection shown at Euroluce, five coordinated colors have beencombined, but other chromatic ranges have also been preparedto help clients to choose if they want to personalize their panelsand hanging lamps in a "chromatic voyage".