Diseñador:Massimo Iosa Ghini

With the SOLAR II system, a new spotlight generation is born. Its unconventional organic design (created by Massimo Iosa Ghini) makes it a striking, self-assured lighting tool.
SOLAR II boasts an aesthetic design that is surprisingly unconventional for a spotlight system. Its buoyant, flowing line, its organic form gives it an expressive elegance that is peerless in sculptural, streamlined appearance. Expressive, striking, full of character, and eye-catching - SOLAR II is just as impressive in a neutral ambience, self-assuredly generating atmosphere and mood. This predestines the spotlight system - available in three sizes - for applications where uniqueness and attracting attention are the key motives: in shops, shopping centres, showrooms and galleries, and also in semi-professional and private areas where the emphasis is on exclusive design and creative lighting.