Optical string and fibre optic technology is one of the most fascinating options of precise technical lighting. The wide range of applications comprises the illumination of shops, museums and galleries as well as lighting in hotels, restaurants or wellness areas. Separating light from electricity as well as from UV and IR components opens up innumerable options, e.g. if priceless valuables are to be perfectly, yet gently lit.

Zumtobel's STARFLEX fibre optic system represents the new generation of optical string technology. An extensive portfolio of light engines ranging from 35W up to 250W allows its application in interior as well as in damp or outdoor areas. At the same time, utmost safety is provided by an internal system protection with electronic ventilation control and temperature sensor. New bonding techniques for assembly of the PMMA fibres are a prerequisite for high-intensity engines with extreme lighting intensity.

Thanks to its modular design and a wide variety of accessories, STARFLEX is characterised by utmost flexibility and project adaptability. Thus, STARFLEX allows highly innovative ways of application, such as the projection of logos or slides based on optical string technology or the adaptation of colour temperatures to special project requirements.