Diseñador:Gijs Papavoine

Sting gives new meaning to the words ‘easy seater‘: its seating height is that of an ordinary chair, but it simultaneously offers all the seating comfort of a luxury armchair. What sets Sting apart from most other armchairs is the fact that is combines a decidedly roomy seat with a chair of compact dimensions. The secret lies in its trapezium-shaped design, combining a broad front with a narrow back - a principle which is echoed in the chair's vertical structure, with a narrow base ‘fanning out' into a wider upper structure. Its curved lines lend it a degree of elegance previously unattainable for a fully upholstered closed armchair. Sting offers the widest possible range of applications. It is equally at home in the living room and at the dinner table, but also takes conference or boardroom duties in its stride.