The SUPERSYSTEM modular lighting system fascinates with a geometrically minimalist form, and thanks to its unobtrusive character, SUPERSYSTEM adapts with ease to all architectural surroundings. The highly efficient LED spots ensure efficient accent lighting for objects even from great heights. SUPERSYSTEM can be combined in innumerable ways: in addition to LED spots, various conventional light sources as well as the unobtrusive RESCLITE emergency lighting modules can be easily fitted into the lighting system - without any tools, except for the electrical feed. In this way, integral lighting solutions can be implemented in a perfectly consistent design. 

The extremely compact and energy-efficient LED spotlights are also suitable for accent lighting, even from large distances. In this way, sculptures, objects and sensitive materials in museums and shops, for instance, can be illuminated gently, yet effectively. 

Colour temperatures of 3100 K, 4600 K and 5500 K, as well as easily exchangeable optics provide for perfect adjustment to the respective lighting task. 

In museums and art galleries in particular, but also in shops and presentation areas, SUPERSYSTEM creates lighting solutions which provide high-precision illumination of goods, ensuring excellent product presentation.