Light is becoming an increasingly more important architectural design element. Emphasis is often placed on the unobtrusive design and compact dimensions of the luminaire. Linear light sources are especially appreciated. They are used to illuminate coves, backlight surfaces or to illuminate surfaces uniformly. This is where the SYSTEMLED product line brings flexibility on an entirely new scale.

This modular LED light line solves a variety of different tasks: SYSTEMLED Flood illuminates wide areas extremely uniformly, whereas SYSTEMLED Deco handles cove lighting efficiently. Fitted with a diffuser, it creates uniform light lines. The intermediate white version of SYSTEMLED Deco Basic delivers up to 580 lumens per metre.

This high luminous flux makes it perfect for lighting shelves and showcases, as well as for cove lighting. Thanks to their modular construction, the light lines can be adapted straightforwardly to cater for any required length project specifically in any application. Various versions with individual, slot or channel mounting options and protection ranging from IP 20 to IP 65 make a vast range of indoor and outdoor lighting applications accessible.