Diseñador:Harmut S Engel

VAERO is perfect for office buildings that are meant to stand out. Whether in single-person, team or open-plan offices, this innovative pendant luminaire meets the need for prestigious lighting and satisfies users' wishes for a productive sense of wellbeing equally well. VAERO can be positioned anywhere, regardless of the way workstations are arranged, and ensures reflection-free light for screen- and desk-based work.

The unusual design of this new waveguide luminaire is a surprising talking point. Minimalist geometrical shapes and an almost completely translucent housing produce an extremely low-profile visual effect and give the impression of a weightless, floating luminaire. VAERO self-confidently reveals its inner life: the lamp technology used is clearly visible and is not concealed. On a 120 cm long unit, the luminaire diffuser is split into four square segments, on a 150 cm unit, it is split into five. There is also another version with a continuous, uniform surface optic.

Visual comfort thanks to well-balanced contrast 
VAERO manages the balancing act between energy efficiency and visual comfort in a bravura performance. With a light output ratio of 84%, it ensures ideal lighting conditions and optimum light-dark contrast. A well-balanced contrast ratio is one of the most important quality criteria for achieving a sense of wellbeing in office areas. Soft, low-glare contrasts on screens produce a perceptible boost in concentration levels and productivity as well as harmonious luminance ratios between workstation and environment. The way VAERO distributes light prevents reflections on computer screens. Even information on glossy paper can be taken in quickly. This exemplary glare-control technology, balanced luminance in the room and the visual lightness of the luminaire create a pleasant, constructive working atmosphere.

Giving luminaires wings 
VAERO has a lighting chamber made of visually high-quality PMMA and uses proven MPO technology - for uniform illumination that is just perfect for computer workstations. The clinching factor, in photometric terms, is a folding wing on top of the luminaire which allows selective control of the lighting effect in the room. This results in a properly illuminated ceiling with a well-balanced light-to-dark gradient. When the luminaire is installed, this wing is adjusted once only, depending on spatial circumstances, and ensures constant indirect illumination of the ceiling for the best possible working conditions.