Producto:Vertebra 1


Diseñador:Giancarlo Piretti
Emilio Ambasz

Castelli, thanks to the skillful intuition of extraordinary designers, combined with entrepreneurial talent, now supply articles to the world of office and institutional furniture that still today represent a significant turning point in developments. 

Unique chairs such as Plia or Penelope, or objects that anticipate the problems of ergonomics such as DSC and Vertebra, are still today tangible proof of the innovative quality and design of Castelli. 
Vertebra was created in1979, a rare example of an ergonomic solution for seating.
The Vertebra project blends the superior intelligence of Emilio Ambasz and the mechanical genius of Emilio Ambasz and Giancarlo Piretti.
 In the same year of 1979,the jury of the 12th SMAU Industrial Design award, commended Castelli for the following reasons: "For Vertebra designed by Emilio Ambasz and Giancarlo Piretti; an interesting approach to the design of a series of objects. The main theme leading the design of this system of seats is that of ergonomics integrated with a correct formal and technological solution".
In 1981, again for Vertebra,  Castelli received its first Compasso D'Oro award.


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