CATAS E1 Quality award
Fraunhofer WKI certificate
IMO MED certificate
EC fire certificate

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Alpi is an industrial group that has achieved consistent growth throughout its long history. Since it was established in 1919, it has evolved into an international group with more than 50 percent of its production based overseas. With 7 companies, 11 production sites and 2,400 workers (including 1,800 in the African facilities), it pursues a concrete global vision based on a strong desire to maintain control of the entire production chain, from the procurement of raw materials through to marketing. This growth is built on a revolutionary project: to use the most advanced technologies to innovate the oldest material in the world. 

The Group, today in its third entrepreneurial generation with Vittorio Alpi, has chosen excellence in all fields, successfully combining quality, innovation and an environmentally-friendly approach. 
Alpi group can meet even the most demanding orders because it has all the raw materials it needs, produced at its own production facilities where research, technology and creativity are standard features. These are the key factors behind the Alpi Group's leadership position, a position that it consolidates constantly through direct competition with its rivals all over the world.    

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