ANDREU WORLD, S.A. is a specialist company operating in the field of production and sales of designer tables and chairs in contemporary and avant–garde styles. As such, it is currently a major reference point for new design ideas created to stake their claim in the ever-expanding market for furniture intended for the home and for installations. Since 50´s, this company with a clear talent as an exporter has come to occupy a prestigious position in the world of furniture design. Now, with almost 50 years´ experience in this important sector, ANDREU WORLD has a proven record of meeting daily demands to the satisfaction of a growing market that is calling for higher and higher levels of quality to comply with the ever–increasing obligations of international regulations. ANDREU WORLD´s customers are divided along two main lines: customers for home furnishings, and customers for installations. To satisfy these clients, the company offers not only great design innovations, but also a rich variety of style and shapes and a wealth of different finishes. The result is a range of products that extends through a world of adaptations to suit all types of ambiences and decorative projects. In line with this, ANDREU WORLD, S.A. aims to simplify the job of professionals, devoting attention to them for projects both in the home and in large public installations. Company table and chair models are targeted at sectors across the widest range, from catering to equipping auditoriums, from museums to offices and theatres, and many other market areas. ANDREU WORLD´s customers come from the European Union and the rest of the world. Outstanding among those from Europe are Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, and France. Outside the EU, exports are made to the USA, Switzerland, Australia, and Japan. This company´s success owes much to its high standards in technology, design, quality and customer service. Andreu World attained certification to ISO–UNE–EN9001: 2000 from LRQA, Ltd. (Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance) for "Furniture Distribution and Marketing" in December 2001 and is accredited in Germany by DAR (Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat), in the United States by RAB (Register Accreditation Board) and in Japan by JAB (The Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment). At Andreu World we believe that the environmental problem affects us all and should be seen from a global viewpoint. This is why we made the decision to implement an Environmental Management System. So for all mentioned, we are one of the main companies in the furniture sector and in our geographic area in obtaining the ISO–UNE–EN14001:1996 certification.

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