Armani/Casa was founded in the year 2000 as a separate division, though seamlessly linked to the other "worlds" within the Armani Group, providing a platform for Giorgio Armani to set out his vision of the living space: an intimate and very special place, at one and the same time both comfortable and sophisticated.

The collection ranges from furniture to accessories, and from fabrics to ornaments and lighting.

Today the catalogue also includes a modular arrangement for the bathroom and a complete kitchen system, thereby providing a solution to every essential furnishing requirement.

Armani/Casa has a network of single brand stores and shop-in-shops in all major cities throughout the world, already covering 35 countries and growing continuously.

Further expansion of this division is on course with the creation of the hotel chain, Armani Hotels & Resorts, which Giorgio Armani is developing with specially created Armani/Casa furnishings, in conjunction with Emaar Properties.

Product category: Lounge  .   Beds  .   Chairs  .   Tables  .   Upholstered  .   Various  .