Bossini has been producing showers and accessories since 1960 with the awareness that even a simple daily act, like using the shower, can open the door to a whole world of values: functional, aesthetic, technical and human values. Quality, design, research and innovation are the founding principles of all Bossini's planning and production. Consequently the Company has garnered a prestigious role for itself in the international showcase - where Italian design has always been considered the ultimate of good taste and elegance - proposing a range of products that are innovative and meet the highest of quality standards.


Thanks to its 50 years of experience, Bossini has succeeded in giving showers the added values of personality and character reflected by a highly evolved concept of "The Bathroom", intended not only as an intimate space that merits top quality in terms of aesthetics and function, but as a new theatre of home wellness. With Bossini the shower turns into a truly emotional experience to be enjoyed every day.


When we embarked on this business, technology set the tone of his developments: the first shower we produced was entirely made of brass and the almost exclusively handcrafted. 

In the course of half a century, Bossini has been a leading player in an extraordinary evolutional process of shower technology that witnessed the progressive diversification of the range of products with the realization of showers, slide rail sets, hoses, shower columns and shower heads.


In all these applications what only a few years ago seemed impossible is today a concrete reality thanks to our constant commitment to research and development. Innovation represents that characterizing factor of our work even though the passing of time has never modified our original vocation, which remains central to our business: to allow the marriage of design and functionality, aesthetics and technology to then apply them to the service of well-being.


The optimization of this commitment has certainly always placed the relationship with the customers as our central focus: in homes and in hotels, and spa centres as in public settings Bossini innovations represent a concrete demonstration of how communication has undertaken a strategic role in improving so many daily relationships, contributing to obtain excellent results. The Bossini team, starting with its management, is aware of this responsibility which at the same time is a complex task but also an enthusiastic challenge.

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