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Established in 1877, CASTELLI is a company which, since its beginnings, has played an active role in one of the most glorious and exciting periods of Italian Design. Born as a small craftsman's workshop, CASTELLI developed successfully thanks to great determination and the fantastic intuition that allowed the company, following post-war reconstruction, to steer its production of office furniture towards unique forms.

This result was made possible thanks to the precious contribution of prestigious designers such as Emilio Ambasz, Claudio Bellini, Rodolfo Bonetto, Giancarlo Piretti, Charles Pollock, F.A. Porsche and Richard Sapper. This collaboration led to the creation of products that even today are remarkable reference points for the world of office furniture, such as the PLIA chair - designed by Giancarlo Piretti - which is displayed at New York's MOMA as a tangible symbol of recognition of its quality. CASTELLI products won important awards in Italy and world-wide. COMPASSO D'ORO, awarded by ADI for the Vertebra seating line designed by Emilio Ambasz and Giancarlo Piretti; for the Nine to Five desk system designed by Richard Sapper; for the Guya office chair designed by CASTELLI design studio Team.

CASTELLI is a symbol of Made in Italy, that is to say, the particular combination of creativity, elegance and ideology which lie at the heart of the success of Italian design all over the world.

Product category: Chairs  .   Upholstered  .   Furniture  .   Conference & Meeting  .   Screen Systems  .   Seating  .   Furniture system  .   Decorative lighting  .   Tables  .   Waiting Room  .