The Lamiflex Group  has been operating for more than thirty years in the composite technical material's sector

supporting various industries and applications, predominantly in the furniture and lighting, aeronautical, medical,

textile and sporting sectors.

The expertise developed over the years and the constant research conducted by the Lamiflex Group 's R&D

Department has allowed the company to develop highly innovative solutions and reach quality levels that are ideal

for any type of hi-tech application.

The results achieved are demonstrated in consistent and competitive growth: dynamism, precision in production

and research, as well as constant technological innovation, have allowed the Group to establish itself both in Italy

and abroad as a world leader in the field of technical laminated composites, offering innovative, and often revolutionary

products that are always at the leading edge.

In order to optimise the production processes, the Lamiflex Group  designs and creates fully customised products,

components and solutions that are based on the specific requirements of the customer, providing complete

support during all the development stages and producing of a prototype.





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