about us

A new Italian design brand, launched in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2011. Colé is born from the experience of Matteo De Ponti, brand manager at Driade for over ten years and the sensitivity of Laura Macagno, passionate of art and design.


the mission

To create a new way of making design, based on a sophisticated expressive research and an unpublised collaboration among all subjects taking part in the productive chain. We love objects which own deep roots and we are con­vinced that in a world almost full of objects, the product should be first of all a service. Given almost for granted an excellent quality, what really makes a difference is the link between the producer, who draws, sellers and users of a given object.


the background

A shared passion for everything that comes from a careful aesthetic research, whether it be a furniture, a book or a carpet. Matteo and Laura have always collected objects which have in common the fact that they were made with craftsmanship. Shards of memory where you gather, at first glance, the touch of the hand that has worked to forge.


the name

Is tied to a common memory that comes from Argentina, birhtplace of Laura. An element of colour which makes them smile just thinking about it.


the collections

They originate from a recall of traditional furniture with a certain degree of contamination (of signs, materials, cultures) which leads to read back in light and ironic way many archetypal forms. In collaboration with designers Lorenz / Kaz and Aksu / Suardi, this collections are born to valorise handcrafted and semi - industrial work deeply rooted in our territory.


the corporate

Edited by Francesca De Ponti and Filippo Donisi, reflects the search for classical levity that pervades the entire project. Can be equated with a subtraction game in which a few symbols, extrapolated from what was originally an organic form and thus framed to define a kind of bookmark, tell a world of pure form and colour. Where the relationship between full and empty plays an essential role.


Product category: Lounge  .   Wardrobes & chests of drawers  .   Chairs  .   Tables  .   Upholstered  .