DAE Diseño Ahorro Energético, S.A.


Creaton date: 1984


Activity: Street furniture and Outdoor lighting designers and manufacturers..


Business fundamentals: Innovation, quality and functionality in all its products.

DAE is creativity and experience:

DAE works closely with its designers; well-known professionals from the world of architecture and industrial design, aiming to optimise their designs to suit man and his urban environment.


DAE is design in constant evolution:
The R&D Department and Prototyping allow DAE, compared to other companies within the same sector, the prototypes daily inspection, while also providing Technical support to our own designers as well as responses to all enquiries and needs our clients may arise.


DAE is quality industrial craftsmanship:
At DAE, there are thousands of different parts handled, sourced from international suppliers. These parts are checked out then manufactured in our expert hands, to reach highest-quality end products.


DAE supports innovation and sustainability:
DAE understands that an Innovative Design means a set of activities that lead to successfully introducing new, improved products onto the market for the first time.
Sustainable design at DAE is an overall concept signifying a complete process involving various parameters which, when supported by each other, lead to efficient and environmentally-friendly urban products.


Product category: Fireplaces-stoves  .   Various  .   Seats  .