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Effegibi was established in 1987 as a producer of Finnish saunas.
Through the years, the company looked to bring this product - used mainly in collective spaces - into use in private homes and make it available to the general public.
This brought about stylistic and qualitative research, leading to sauna designs that broke away from traditional concepts, transforming the sauna into 'furniture' of modern design that could be located in different rooms in the house.
Later on, Effegibi developed the Hammam project, side-by-side with the various sauna lines. In this way, the company became an admired supplier in the "well-being" area for public and, above all private locations.
These are the key elements to be found in every Effegibi product: easy installation of the products, Italian design and rigorous respect for traditions in terms of use.
These elements, which are almost unique on the international scenario, today enable the company to aim at new markets. These elements make up an original, exclusive offer in the well-being sector, so up-to-date and longed for by everyone.

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