FLEXFORM is a firm in syntony with the spirit of the times with scarse inclination to excess, with agility and calmness. It has explored every avenue suggested by the large concept of sitting, by emphasising its harmony and discipline, quality and creativity.
The results of this reserch are clear in the versatile range of products that FLEXFORM can offer; these are products capable of fulfilling in a reliable and natural way their roles in the every-day life.

Rooted in tradition, components of the present but always looking at future, the FLEXFORM products are those objects that You will want around You when approaching the threshold of the new millennium.

They are Your companions on a journey which is as exciting as it is difficult, witnesses to both the acquisitions and the uncertainties of an era, ductile and tenacious interpreters for an overhelming demand for comfort and beauty.

Product category: Lounge  .   Beds  .   Chairs  .   Tables  .   Upholstered  .   Tables and resting surfaces  .   Seats  .