Industria per l'Arredamento was born in Cantù in 1967. In that year the Fumagallis, by gathering the fruits of their craftsman experience in the sector (which started in the first years of 1900, and becoming Mobilarte in 1945), begin the industrial phase of their activity. The new production technologies clearly support the manual processing of raw materials, a feature that still distinguishes the high quality of every product of FORMER. This working philosophy is a production fixed rule, and it always foresees the use of precious and innovative materials both in the research and in their application. And so, this extraordinary mix of skilled craftsmanship and technological precision permits a very high quality standard together with an innovative design requirement. The creation of the modular systems, success after success, made the history of FORMER, leading the company to the current dimension: an important industrial reality that settles into an area of 30.000 m2, with a covered productive space of 12.000 m2, where 70 employees work.

Today FORMER is diffused worldwide thanks to a very efficient and professional distribution, that is an important condition in order to spread the high quality collection as guarantee of the Made in Italy product. The "historical" models of FORMER have entered rightfully in the Italian history of home furnishing, often tracing the esthetical taste's map: let's think to Plinto by Pinuccio Borgonovo, the main Program that is still dictating the guide line for all the living-room collection. The current production of FORMER is composed by different section of the home furnishing: starting from the living room, with the most complete modular system in the market, accompanied by cabinets, sideboards and equipped walls; to the bedrooms, with a very wide line of wardrobes, walk-in closets and, obviously, bed groups; further to the complements such as tables, consoles, chairs and mirrors.

Straight lines, rarely bent, essential design in shape. Careful selection of materials, often innovative but never banal. Everything harmonized in design, master of choices which are invigorated and aimed at a unique manufacturing quality which is always present. Former's identity card, even better than its products, has been unchanged and unchangeable for more than forty years. To realize this indisputable truth, you only have to look at these images, which are shaded to black-and-white memory.

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