Established in 1941 as a family run business whose activity was based on the production of traditional blankets and bed–covers, this activity continued for over 40 years until, in the mid–1980s, a strategic change took place in the company.

Gandia Blasco first decided to orient its product line towards rugs, and subsequently towards the production of home–textile and furnishing objects; all this with a strong element of innovation and design. In 1990 the first collection of cotton rugs, printed and reversible, was presented.

This strategic change was possible thanks to the generational growth in the company management and the change of mentality of the new generation.
The objective of the new management was to replace or turn the supply of products that had been manufactured until the 1950s, not really in line with new trends, to the benefit of new, more sophisticated products, whose main feature would be design.
The first change introduced by the new management at Gandia Blasco was the replacement of traditional blankets with cotton rugs. The strategic change began exactly with these products for technical reasons, since it was possible to weave rugs on the same looms used for the blankets without having to completely change the equipment.

With the assistance of professional designers, who accepted to develop exclusive designs for Gandia Blasco, and thanks to the quality of the products, the presentation of the first collection had an enormous impact on the market, and this allowed Gandia Blasco to carry on, creating original designs and offering new proposals.
During its subsequent years of activity, following the great success achieved with the new rugs, Gandia Blasco decided to widen its range of products. For this reason, it developed a new line of home textiles (duvet covers, bed covers, bed sheets, fabrics and pillows).

This new line keeps the same philosophy that characterised the previous rug production: making products that inspire the emotions.
The products designed and marketed by Gandia Blasco keep the same features: modern, fresh products, full of personality. Manufactured with natural and quality materials.
Recently, the product range has been filled out with new lines, one of indoor and outdoor furniture, and the other of furnishing objects.

Gandia Blasco´s goal is to provide an overall offer for the home.

Once its commercial strategy was defined, Gandia Blasco decided to develop by opening stores in the domestic market.

Product category: Tables and resting surfaces  .   Seats  .   Structures  .   Fire lighting  .   Pots and planters  .