Compasso d'Oro 2004

In 1998, Kos began producing whirlpool tubs and multifunctional shower cabins at its headquarters in Pordenone.


To complement its proven technical skill in its sector, the company in 2001 decided to call upon the design talents and experience of internationally recognized designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba to design the company's entire collection of products and take charge of the art direction.


They developed a project that can be called "total design"; that is, the products, exhibits, graphic and communication tools are developed in accordance with a single, specific vision. The productive, spirited relationship that developed between the company and the designers gave rise in only a few years to a inedited products collection which reinvented the bathroom setting in type and morphology . It did so with tubs that are large, but have a simple appearance which resemble a suspended sculpture; with modular shower cabins which look like small domestic architectural creations; with design washbasins  and furniture elements... products that are universally recognized as icons of the contemporary bathroom.

In 2007 Kos enters the Zucchetti group: two leading trademarks in the international panorama of design for the bathroom ambience, two brands united by a shared philosophy and purpose: the desire to explore every new opportunity in the market of bathrooms, creating new design products with a distinctive personality, meeting different demands in taste, and capable of personalizing and redesigning an environment, while transforming it into a veritable statement of lifestyle. 

"The Kos collections were created from a vision that aims to combine quality of life and fine design, Zucchetti collections are interpreter of contemporary time and of the international society complexity. Today the Zucchetti/ Kos group proposes a new bathroom world. Complete, innovative, unprecedented.  A new iconography that suggests alluring cultural melting pots,  sensitivity to different tastes,   poetic metropolitan influences. - Elena Zucchetti CEO Zucchetti.Kos explains  - This vision rooted in 80 years of culture and expertise of Zucchetti brand and in the strength and dynamism of the younger Kos brand, creating innovative and exclusive icons of update style."


In 2009 the Group arrives at the presentation of a complete "world of wellness": for the first time together Zucchetti and Kos launch Faraway, the first comprehensive, all-inclusive bathroom collection, for private users, contract installations, and spas, consisting of more than 100 products. The design of Faraway is based on the relationships between rectilinear shapes and rounded corners, and on newly innovative and patented product types that save energy and water. By overturning common preconceptions about the bathroom, Faraway creates a new iconography that gives shape to our dreams, wherever we are in the world. The bathroom world: no longer a ritual, but an experience

Zucchetti and Kos are intended for a top-level, quality, design-oriented, cosmopolitan market. Their typical user prefers to choose what he wants in order to build his own, highly personal "domestic panorama", his own "landscape of life". 
The home of today is an absolute value. It is the place that represents not only warmth, but personal taste as well; in other words, it is the direct expression of the quality of life, it is a place for rediscovering the pleasure of living and is open to the world.

With their unique products, Zucchetti and Kos meet these needs. They offer new models for furnishing the home, while providing greater freedom for individual creativity and for the architect's talents. The contemporary user for whom Zucchetti and Kos design their products is no longer a fashion victim, but has an innate will to choose the style he likes and to combine different perceptions of taste. He loves to "select" each individual piece, and the objects he surrounds himself with must express his inner self.

That's why Zucchetti and Kos diversify their products line continuously in terms of both shape and space, while keeping constant the "total quality" the companies are famous for.

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