Milano. Salone del Mobile 2010.

Liberostile today is born. After one year of gestation, after one year of drawings.

The material drawings which are part of the collection, but also and above all those immaterial drawings: the causes, the hypothesis, the strategies to get to the point, with the consciousness of being the last ones, to touch the heart of every possible client.

Li b e r ost i le is the expression of a powerful desire of freedom from conditionings by companies and is born from a personal view on the market of furniture.

A new brand, conceived in a period of hard difficulties but strong in ideas, talent and enthusiasm, which will make its official debut at the next Salone del Mobile.


Li b e r ost i le bases his projects on the use of technologies and materials unusual for the market of furniture: the supporting structure of tables (always rigorously in transparent glass) is constituted by steel high-thickness laser-cut plates, bent by presses and assembled with complex mechanical joints.

The use of modern technologies for the production of the structures is linked to a rigorously hand-made surface treatment and to a handcraft care in the phases of finishing and assembling; every product has an identifying plate with a handmade stamped progressive serial number.

The user's feel will be that of a borderline product between serial and craftsman production, kind of a unique piece without predecessors nor successors, a sensation reinforced by the use of flat heads nuts and by the especially raw cut surfaces.


Common denominator is the will to make objects which can be used in multiple and very different contexts, starting from offices to living rooms to end up with the contractors field.

For this reason the project of every object explored and solved in different manners the issue of mobility and variation of its functions.

It is possible to change the height of each table with a tool and with few simple moves sometimes the changes can be of 10 cm: this gives the owner the possibility to define the use of the table and to modify it on the basis of one's needs in the time.

Inspired by the italian architectural shapes of the 50's Strutturauno is a table available in two dimensions (2300x900 and 1800x800 mm), with a 12 mm glass top and a 8 mm brushed and nickel steel structure.

Massive and laborious structure derived by bending a zoomorphic shape cut by a metal plate.

The glass support is completed by ten bows bent and at the same time fixed at the centre by a plate and joints screw/bolt balancing the vertical sense of the glass.

Here as well there are two available measures: 2300x1000 and 1800x900 mm.

Material: 8 mm steel brushed and nichel plated.

The total height of the structure can be modified intervening on the inner part of the legs with a simple wrench. A graduated scale makes the horizontal alignment of the top easier.

All in wood, Strutturaquattro is made of twenty-nine 15mm plywood panels veneered in oak and far one from the other by the same distance.

The succession of the tables, almost isohypses, creates an organic body made compact by fifteen steel braces and flat head screws.

Four metal portions discharged by holes to make them lighter (from the optical and weight points of view).

One central rod to gather them.

Twenty-four bolts keeping it together.

Eight spheres and the same number of basis to make it fit to the most different needs.

One hundred millimetres of vertical excursion.

Four available dimensions: 2300x1000, 1800x800, 1400x1400 and 1500x600 mm.

This is the essence of Strutturacinque.

Modular system of varnished steel shelves.

The basic module is a linear structure 1 metre long which can be put together with other similar ones vertically or horizontally to make an entire wall. Two corner modules (one for the positive angles, the other for the negative angles) complete the system. The hooking system to the wall constitutes also the plug to the edges of the shelf.


The tables: why?....

I often wondered why, thinking about a new company, I spontaneously thought about tables and about concentrating my attention on only one object in the field of the possibilities offered by furniture.

It's not easy to give an answer... It's spontaneous to think about family references: the table as the centre of the household, gathering and discussion point; or cultural ones: support for the work, physical basis for the creative activities, or tub for the kitchen alchemy; but also unexpected bed for unexpected love passions (the postman always rings twice, as we know!!!)...


Then, I believe, nothing of this at all, or maybe something it is, but above all, what attracts me of tables is that perhaps it's the only structure (together with the bookshelf) where making geometry is coherent, drawing forms which are first of all functional, tensions, compressions of forces... since there is the fortuity that human bodies base some activity on it, the structural project cannot be left to the case and moreover, everything is visible; excess in materials is not allowed, but we must be elegant and proceed rigorously: in a bed the blankets in fact cover the legs and the draw sheets can be as large as one wants, because no one needs that space under there... not in a table... you can slip under it and the legs must not find any obstacle but a lot of space and visually, otherwise a heavy digestion, purity and essence are needed.

This is maybe the sense of my research around the table.

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