Since 1970, wood products for interior furnishing represent the core business of the Margaritelli Group, manufactured primarily in the establishment of Miralduolo (Perugia) in Italy. Top quality hardwood flooring is the distinctive feature of Margaritelli range. In 1984 the Company "took the market by storm" creating Listone Giordano, a "double layered" hardwood floor with an innovative technological support. The patented Listone Giordano, offered the definitive solution to the age-old problem of hardwood flooring stability. The new technological concept has now made it possible to manufacture wider and longer strips and planks to a standard that is both aesthetically attractive and perfectly stable. Since 1995, Margaritelli has undertaken an ambitious commercial "franchising" programme in order to upgrade and expand its distribution channels in accordance with the high-profile of new product ranges. In only a few years, the project has led to the creation of more than 550 outlets throughout Italy and the rest of the world such as Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Beijing, New York and Toronto and many other cities, all featuring the strong Listone Giordano co-ordinated brand image and innovative display system. The relation between Margaritelli and wood ideas and matter - has been extended to a new dimension with the creation of a line of Bathroom furnishing and Boiserie. Listone Giordano boiserie, the design perfected by Massimo Iosa Ghini, is a features a hi-tech wall of wood where excellent material quality intertwines with the aesthetic value of a top design product. With the bathroom system Listone Giordano the home»s most traditional room is re-invented as a world of its own, characterised by fluctuating spaces and eye-catching forms, inhabited by functional and beautiful objects that populate its surfaces, create and re-create the new appearance of the room dedicated to well-being.

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