Misha is an exclusive brand founded in 2007 to bring the excellence of traditional craftsmanship into contemporary lifestyle through an encounter of heritage and innovation. Focusing on home decoration, the collection includes hand painted silk wallpaper, natural fibers wallpaper, furniture and accessories. Building on the inheritance of culture and with the spirit of respect for the environment, Misha strives to integrate the finest quality materials and consistent craftsmanship in the range of its product offerings. Inspired by traditional oriental patterns, Misha hand painted silk wallpaper preserves the beauty and techniques of traditional craftsmanship and embraces the elegance and simplicity of a new 21st century aesthetic.

Through a tailor made project, each design customizes final clients' taste and requirements. From one single panel to a sequence of different panels wallpaper become like frescoes, where design and color act as a magnificent scenary. In addition to the range of wallpaper, Misha also creates a limited edition of furniture. These objects will convey message of tradition, protection and memory, unique pieces entirely handcrafted, where modern Western creativity meets ancient Eastern traditional decoration. Culture, creation and innovation merge to forge the core of Misha philosophy.

Misha opened its showroom in Milan in 2008.

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