Molteni & C manufactures furniture by developing tradition, building on experience. Technical innovation does not sweep all else away in a tabula rasa; if anything it brings the further development of consolidated results in unexpected directions. Simplicity for its own sake is no merit but a certain simplicity originates from the work of generations. The life span of furniture depends on good workmanship but also on a complete and proper form. The materials must be good but will only be such if used in keeping with their potential, history and application. Molteni & C. was founded in the early Thirties and is based at Giussano (MI). It is one of the few companies in its sector to have an integral production cycle that runs from the purchase of raw materials to the finished product. In the case of wood, in particular, this means accurate quality control, from the choice of timber to the production of the semi – manufactured product, from assembly to finishing – still done manually using the methods of the craftsman to give the products superior quality and a longer life.

Product category: Lounge  .   Beds  .   Wardrobes & chests of drawers  .   Chairs  .   Tables  .   Upholstered  .   accessories  .   Carpets  .