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Montis was established in 1974. Modern design with superior seating comfort took priority right from the start. The Montis collection is characterised by the distinctive colour combinations in various special leathers and material properties, and the trademark Dutch design features with a personal, human character. Montis has always strongly believed in its own ideas and techniques, even when these went against the grain of established ideas. The production method whereby the body of a chair or sofa was "given its jacket" was relatively unknown. In this way, Montis set itself apart from other companies within the sector. Montis still uses this method of upholstery on many of its models. 


When Gerard van den Berg left the company in 1990, Gijs Papavoine became the new key designer besides the owner Paul van den Berg. His way of applying shapes has been of a big significance for the exclusive market position that Montis has now in Europe and also for its design features in general. 
Since the early 90s also a number of external designers have been designing a variation of products based on the same principals. Among these designers were Niels Bendtsen, Arnold Mercx, Marie Christine Dorner and Gert Batenburg. As from 2004 Montis also has been working with designers like Dick Spierenburg and Karel Boonzaaijer , and besides these, Montis is working since 2006 with  Studio Job, Alain Berteau and Demakersvan.  And the last few year with Simon Pengelly and Bertjan Pot as well.


Montis is continuously looking for new materials and techniques that can be used for the design and development of surprising and innovative models that satisfy the highest and latest quality requirements and new contemporary needs.

As a "cosmopolitan" company, Montis continues to work towards building a close collaborative relationship with its international partners as a reliable and dedicated partner. In this regard, honesty, dedication and an eye for detail will remain top priorities.


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