For nearly three decades, Nola has created award-winning designs for urban spaces and public projects. 
Years of studying the city centre has enabled us to design and deliver quality products that make urban environments a little bit more beautiful, and a whole lot easier to live in.

Nola is a market leader in value, quality and design. We produce well-made, high-profile products whilst offering genuine value and responsive, reliable service. Our commitment to design excellence has made us one of Scandinavia's leading manufacturers of contemporary outdoor products. Clients benefit from our knowledge of urban environments and the unique combination of design skill and manufacturing expertise we offer. We take pride in our ability to meet delivery deadlines on time and our staff's dedication to customising our clients' requirements.

Our product portfolio offers a broad range of designs suited to architectural projects and outdoor developments. Classic designs sit alongside avant-garde pieces, crafted by respected designers and newly established innovators. Our products and services are marketed through a network of independent dealers and company-owned businesses. Our clients include property developers, contractors, architects, interior designers and retail outlets. As they continue to feature our products in projects around the world, Nola's commitment to quality and excellence travels with them.

Product category: Chairs  .   Tables and resting surfaces  .   Seats  .   Structures  .   Pots and planters  .   Street furniture  .